Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Alltoptenreviews Offering You Excellent Online Buying Services. There is always the risk of unscrupulous websites you visit using your personal data in bad ways. No one wants their personal life exposed by wanton websites not safeguarding the security of their data. We empathize with you on our website, alltoptenreviews if you could be facing these kinds of challenges. We offer you amazing deals on commodities from the giant seller Amazon.

Simultaneously, we have stringent policies to provide security for your data in order to process your orders.
The terms and conditions of our privacy policies are reviewed to stay in tandem with the technological changes in the word. This is because what was once considered a secure policy a decade ago can easily be breached today. Our website offers you the up to date protection and has coherent strategies against misuse of your personal information.

Our new policies aimed at ensuring the safety of your personal information include:

Personal Identification Cookies

One of the safest ways in the modern world to store your information is using personal identification cookies. When you visit our website, our server will notify you that the site is cookie integrated.

One good thing about cookies is that they may not necessarily be your personal information at all. Our cookies capture your interest on our website. For instance, if you are mainly interested with automobiles of a certain type from Amazon, then the cookies will present you with searches of that particular automobile type. Instead of your personal details being captured, cookies customize your browser to suit your buying preferences. Alternatively, cookies can also store personal information and we encrypt them to ensure no malware that can be breached and no access to your data without your consent.

An expiry date feature of the cookies ensures that your information is not stored for long unnecessary periods. We also make sure that no spy cookies invade our website with stringent protections in place. We employ a number of cookies such as the functionality and advertising cookies. These are all geared at providing you with a great shopping experience while ensuring privacy in your data.

Regulations on Information Sharing

One of the major weaknesses of many websites is wanton and unsanctioned sharing of personal information. Many websites hosts take it into their liberty to share and disseminate captured personal details. This ends up in personal data being sold to advertising companies.

There is a strong and tight policy about sharing of personal information. One thing about us is that you must sanction the dissemination. In case of a share of your details, we reserve the right for you to lodge a legal complaint about it. Furthermore, you have the right to access and erase your information. There are also strict measures on our personnel who might engage in any activity to sabotage our warm partnership with you.

Personal Data Protection

The aforementioned are just part of a wide framework of policies in place to protect your information. When the need arises, we may use false identities on your behalf or remain anonymous in order to ensure that your personal data is kept safe. There are also vulnerability tests performed on our website in order to identify any weak points that may result in a cyber attack.

It is worth noting, however, that your browser may be infected by visiting unsafe sites and hence compromising your personal information. Any attack resulting from a site apart from ours is not our liability. There is hence the need to avoid sites with malware warnings.

Principles in Protecting Your Information

  • We only gather relevant and required data. This might just be your name and address. This helps in avoiding any serious aftermaths of data breaches.
  • Processing of personal data is sanctioned and done with your consent. It is also done when the need arises and not just at any particular time.
  • Processed data is only stored temporarily and measures put in place to ensure the safety of the information obtained from processing.

Partners Who Might Access Your Data

We are a selling website. We source and disseminate data from the giant seller Amazon for you to make sure you are able to buy the best commodities available. Hence, for this to be possible, certain stakeholders must access your data in order to for you to get the best products available. Stakeholders who might access your data include:


Google may access your cookies or personal identification to suggest better results for you. Google AdSense may be used for marketing, demography analysis and also reporting. This also means that Google Analytics access your information. However, we have an agreement with our partners not to disseminate your details.