3 Tire Multipurpose Rack

Whether you’re building your own home gym or adding to an already existing gym, the power rack is one of the first pieces of equipment you should consider.

A stable, high-quality rack can act as the centerpiece for an entire gym. In fact, some of the strongest athletes in the world rely on little more than a rack, a barbell, and some weight plates to accomplish the entirety of their workouts.

Throughout this article, we’ll be looking at racks that are manufactured by brands such as Rogue Fitness, Vulcan Strength, and Titan Fitness. We’ll also look at a few that are made by lesser known companies but are still considered to be among the best.

Additionally, we’ll be taking a look at all the factors that should be considered when choosing one.

With all that being said, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of this article, which is to review some of the best power racks available!

Rogue Monster Series racks are made from high quality 3×3” 11 gauge steel. The holes on the RM-6, RM-4, and RM-3 are spaced 2” apart. Every cage in the Monster Series uses 1” hardware for maximum sturdiness. None of them need to be bolted down to the floor.

All of the racks in the Rogue Monster Series comes with three options for height (90”, 100”, and 108”), ten color options (bright blue, bright green, burnt orange, dark blue, dark red, gunmetal, light gray, rogue red, satin black, and satin clear), and two hardware finish options (bright zinc and black zinc), making them customizable according to space needs and aesthetic preferences.

With over 60 compatible accessories, including landmine attachments, pull up bars, leg rollers, lever arms, crossmembers, and speed bag platforms, the Rogue Monster Series includes some of the best power racks on the market when it comes to versatility.


The Rogue RM-6 is a serious piece of equipment for serious lifters. Professional grade, customizable, and dependable – this is one of the best cages available and is relied upon by professional athletes all around the world.

The RM-6 is built like a tank. It’s 76” long and 49” wide. Its footprint is 80” x 53”.

Versatility is one of its best features. It’ll transform any room it’s placed in into your ideal personal gym.

If you’re looking to feel as secure as possible during your workout, this behemoth of a rack is probably your best option.

The Rogue RM-4 offers all the quality of the Rogue RM-6 at a more affordable price.

With a rock-solid steel frame and some of the best options for customization on the market, the Rogue RM-4 lets you work out like the professionals.

The RM-4 has a length of 49”, a width of 49” and a 53” x 53” footprint, meaning that it takes up considerably less space than the larger Rogue RM-6.